Jul 232014
Lower Primary Teacher in Victoria, Australia?

NOTE: Since we wrote this post, we have now created Easyblog.org, which is also a free hosting service, offers everything the Global2 platform does and much, much more. Check it out! If you are teaching at a public or catholic school in Victoria, did you know that you can create a PREMIUM level blog for […]

Jun 122014
When a Plan Comes Together.

Two years ago  I switched grade levels and began my second stint in Grade 5, this time along side Doug Taylor. Like myself, Doug was a bit of a tech-head, and for the first time I had the chance to bounce ideas off a like mind and discuss challenges with someone who was equally likely […]

May 282014
News Sites for Kids

News articles are a great source to connect kids with the broader world and have them investigate the features and traits of non-fiction texts. Furthermore, discussing current events in class is a great way to engage students to inquiry more deeply into concepts being covered in your school’s curriculum. The difficulty has always been find […]

May 242014
Integrated Language Learning, Invisible Technology.

One of the aspects I enjoy most about working in a PYP environment is  teaching in an a trandisciplinary mode. This little project we did in our kindergarten classes is a great example. At our school, a Chinese teacher comes into our KG classes once a day to teach what is essentially an immersion program […]

May 062014
Tuning Kindergartners into Track & Field

I’ve just started a new unit on Track and Field with my Kindergartners and used this cool tune-in activity thanks to some Professional Development my colleagues just returned from with @andyvasily and @fizzicalEd in Nanjing, China. They were lucky enough to spend a day watching these 2 innovators team teaching then another day picking their […]

Apr 112014
Invisible Technology

Grade 3 students had been learning Chinese vocabulary to describe their families, and as a final assessment prepared short descriptions in Chinese of each of their family members. They then did this.  Emailed photos of their family members from home to their school email account.  For the first time ever, opened their email on an […]

Mar 242014
Procedural Texts with Popplet

Hot on the heels of this post about using Popplet app to create mind maps in kindergarten, I swoop in with this follow up;  using Popplet to create a visual procedural text (is there such a term? Oh well, there is now) This was an excellent engagement, taking just over half an hour. The students […]

Mar 232014
Mind Maps with Kindergarten and Popplet

If you’re a lower school teacher with acces to iPads, you almost certainly know of the Popplet app, or something like it. It’s a mind mapping app, diagram creating app, story planner app, procedural writing app – its uses are limited only by your imagination. There are 2 versions – a free one which doesn’t […]

Mar 192014
Grade 2, 4 and 7 Coding Collaboration

Whilst no grade in our elementary school has fully embraced the idea of passion projects, genius hour, itime etc there has certainly been an interest in the idea of putting aside time during the week for students to explore and develop their own interests outside of the curriculum. Following a grade 2 visit to grade […]