Aug 192014
Comic Bingo

Having seen this great post from Miss Smith’s brilliant and informative blog, which includes this much retweeted and favourited image, get to know you

I was inspired to share some ideas of my own so here they are – 

1. Email Interviews – a great way to introduce students to email for the first time. After creating email signatures and a brief discussion of email etiquite, everyone emails 3 other people in the class asking them a question about them. At the same time  3 others students are emailing them, so here comes the lesson on how to reply! Click here for the full activity. 

2. Holi-Blogs – In this first writing task for the year, the students make a blog post about something interesting they did in the summer vacation. Taking full advantage of the power of the link, the post should include links to things such as the places they stayed at, Google Maps, multi-media inserts and so on. Click here for the full engagement which includes links to examples from students at WAB.

3. Comic Bingo – With a twist on the traditional bingo ice breaker (find someone in the class that…speaks 2 languages…was born in the same month as you…likes pizza etc) this fun activity has the kids utilize their device’s camera to include not only a name, but a photo in each bingo cell of each of their classmates. Click here for the full lesson which will need some adapting depending on what devices and software you have, but you should get the idea.  

4. Coming up in Grade X – Using an iMovie trailer template, the students create a trailer about what they hope the highlights of the year will be. Makes for great reruns in the last week of school:) 

 5. Class-Word – Students use an online crossword generator or wordsearch makers  to create crosswords or word searches based on their classmates. They then can take turns completing each others. 

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