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With all the buzz surrounding the arrival of Easyblog.org, a lot of people have been asking what the differences are between all our other apps and Easyblog.org.

So here is a break down of how it, well, breaks down.

Our apps are tools for uploading content (photos, video, text etc) to a blog hosted somewhere else. “Easy Blog” and “Easy Blog Jr” both upload content to a blog hosted by a WordPress site (self-hosted or other such as Edublogs). “Easy Blogger” and “Easy Blogger Jr” upload content to a blog set up on Google’s Blogger platform.

What is Easyblog.org?

Easyblog.org is a combination of our very popular blogging apps AND a host. In other words, it’s a one-stop-shop. You DON’T NEED a WordPress or a Blogger blog. Everything is included at Easyblog.org Please click here for a PDF outlining the main differences.

What is the point of Easyblog.org? Why did you make it?

Hosting the blog instead of relying on Blogger or WordPress has significant advantages for the end user – YOU.

First, it means that YOU don’t need to set up a WordPress or Blogger blog. That’s a good thing because, frankly, setting up a blog is a bit of a hassle and is not something many people really want to do. The setup for Easyblog.org is super slick and written in language familiar to teachers.

Second, because we have developed the app to work with our hosting service it means we can add many cool features that aren’t possible to do with WordPress or Blogger. A good example is that we can now sync class profiles between devices. You only need to input your students once instead of on each iPad as you have to with the current apps.

Finally, by hosting the blog ourselves we are not affected by changes that WordPress or Blogger may make to their setup/functionality. An example is when Blogger changed the way Google Drive worked with video. This meant that overnight Easy Blogger/Jr stopped working until we could come up with a new solution!

What exactly are these “cool features”  on Easyblog.org?

We think the following changes will rock your blogging world;

  • No more tedious setup – set up your class once, then whenever you log in on any iPad, all your students are automatically synced.
  • Brilliant for when you’re sharing iPads with other classes. One teacher logs out, the next logs in and their students are all there.
  • No more going to Safari to view blogs. Student’s can view and edit posts from within the app.
  • Easily organize posts – Teacher can define ‘subjects’ that students can post to for easy searching and classification, including a “Portfolio” option.
  • Easy to moderate – Teachers can quickly view all posts pending moderation within the app.
  • Ensure security and privacy – Password protect both profiles on the app, and the blogs themselves.
  • With over 60 more exciting updates planned, many based on your feedback, including direct student-to-student commenting within the app and the ability to pass a student’s blog forward to their next teacher. We think you and your students will absolutely love the simplicity and improved functionality of Easyblog.org

The new app is extremely similar to all our current apps in both design and workflow, with the intention of providing a seamless transition for existing users, while maintaining the simplicity of use that makes our apps the #1 choice for so many teachers.

If you are currently using any of our blogging apps but would like to try Easyblog.org, please email us and we will give you a year’s subscription to a premium class pack for free! 

We hope that helps to make things clearer. If you still have questions, please comment here or contact us at theteam@easyblog.org





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