Feb 072015

If you’re looking for a fun and engaging way to kick off a new unit or activity, a video provocation might be just what you’re looking for. With apps such as iMovie and Green Screen by Doink, the only limit is your imagination. Coupled with Easyblog.org, uploading to videos to the class blog takes seconds. The idea of a video provocation is to create the context or challenge in which an engagement will be placed. It’s a call to action,  and it’s amazing how a simply fantasy video like this will grab your students like almost nothing else.

In this PYP How We Express Ourselves unit, grade 4 classes were inquiring into the central idea “People create and manipulate messages to target specific audiences.”

A full list of the engagements can be found here with links to online activities,  but the highlight for me was creating the video provocation for the Club Tropicana activity. Maybe it’s the big kid in me. Or the big screen wannabe. I don’t care, I just know it was creative fun to make, and inspired the kids towards some rich inquiry and amazing results. Thinking back on it now, it was really project based learning with some design thinking thrown in to boot!

Anyway, sit back and enjoy possibly the worst acting in history.

A few days later we made this one for Grade 4 students that were about to “embark” on this great project based design challenge from Bob Ennenberg.

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