May 192015
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Do your students blog? Sure, but does that mean they actually have an audience?

As part of a PYP How We Organize Ourselves unit, our grade 2 students were inquiring into the role technology plays in the way people communicate and collaborate. This was a perfect opportunity for us to tackle a challenge that faces many blogging schools – how do we ensure people are actually viewing our blogs?

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 9.06.59 AMWith the goal of increasing audience size and ensuring that student blogs and email were being used as truly collaborative tools, we created these series of 9 challenges for the students to work through independently. Each challenge was created as an individual post on our resources site and linked with a QR code that was displayed on the poster shown to the right. Most challenges include a video tutorial, and practicing following an online tutorial was in and of itself a very useful component of these engagements.

Tbe 9 engagements were;

  • Challenge 1: Create a QR code linked to your blog, print it and stick it on your locker
  • Challenge 2: Visit one blog from a student in every grade from grade 1 to 5 and leave a comment (5 in total)
  • Challenge 3: Get 5 people to subscribe to your blog
  • Challenge 4: Send and receive an email to 5 people not in WAB asking them to visit your blog and leave a comment. (test)
  • Challenge 5: Create a “Favourites” Padlet, share the link with your friends, and collect 5 replies.
  • Challenge 6: Send a teacher (not homeroom) an email telling them what you most like about their class, and what you find difficult. (test)
  • Challenge 7: Take a virtual field trip to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, create a PicCollage and share it to your blog.
  • Challenge 8: Edit to improve 5 posts on your blog
  • Challenge 9: Contribute to a page on a class memory book

The students thoroughly enjoyed the challenges, and from a teaching point of view,what I loved most is that each engagement is an authentic and worthwhile task.

For more ideas on growing an audience for your students, check out this video from the Easy Classroom Blogging series on YouTube. This channel has many excellent ideas, and I recommend subscribing to it.

Please feel free to use all or any of the engagements – you can find the posters in both PDF and Pages format on our resources site. 


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