Jul 232014

NOTE: Since we wrote this post, we have now created Easyblog.org, which is also a free hosting service, offers everything the Global2 platform does and much, much more. Check it out!

If you are teaching at a public or catholic school in Victoria, did you know that you can create a PREMIUM level blog for your class using the amazing Edublogs platform for free? (Also known as “Global2”)

Combine that with the easiest to use blogging app available, Easy Blog Jr  and your students can be sharing their learning easier and faster than you ever thought possible. 

Here is what one teacher wrote: 

I had three teachers at my house today and showed them my edublogs site (which they were excited by) but then I showed them your app and how BASIC and easy it was for early years kids to blog, and well they were falling over themselves to get your app and begin blogging. They thought blogging was for upper primary and was too hard but I showed them your app and they were literally jumping out of their skins!” Jasmine, Western Australia

To get started, visit the Global2 website and click “Create your first blog”. Once you’ve done that, add another user called “students”. Here is an excellent step by step guide to getting started with Global2 created by Kathleen Morris.

At its simplest, we recommend just having one class blog with 2 users – yourself and another called “Students”. You can also create a blog for each student, but this takes much longer.

Once you’ve done that, go ahead and set up the student profiles on the class iPads or iPad using Easy Blog Jr. You can have as many students as you want on each iPad, and when they post to the blog using the app, it will automatically add their name to the title of their post! There is an easy o follow setup guide here. 

If you have any difficulties, don’t hesitate to contact the Easy App Company Team at: support@theEasyAppCompany.com. They are all teachers, so will understand you are probably in a rush and get back to you with an answer as quickly as possible. 

If any of you are wondering why a 4 year old would want to share their learning with the world, watch this. And smile.  🙂