Jan 052014

Unknown-1Over the last couple of school years, I have really pushed myself to incorporate using my iPad as a teaching tool in the classroom.  There are so many great education apps on the market to use to teach with, but if one is looking to maximize instructional time, as I would think good educators are, I have found that Educreations has worked great for me.

This app was introduced to me by a former teaching colleague of mine when we were having a discussion about explaining math concepts to students.  I felt that I was not giving enough attention to students of middle and high math ability.  I was also getting a bit bored spending the majority of my math periods constantly going over basic math concepts.

I found that by recording the lesson concepts in math beforehand and giving all students access to them, instead of having to physically sit with a single or small group of student(s) and repeat myself, they can re-watch and listen to the lesson containing all the information and examples.

After getting student feedback, it has been all positive.  They seem to especially like it for writing because it is easier for them to make all the necessary corrections.  Editing student writing using the app takes the same amount of time as sitting and editing their work with them.  Thus, time is maximized for both student and teacher.

Recently, we started our multiplication and division unit in math.  Here is a quick lesson, Concepts of Multiplication, that I put together for my students.  In the future, I hope to have students make their own lessons.