Jul 182015
Easyblog.org vs Easyblog vs EasyblogJr (Incl. Easy Blogger/Jr)

With all the buzz surrounding the arrival of Easyblog.org, a lot of people have been asking what the differences are between all our other apps and Easyblog.org. So here is a break down of how it, well, breaks down. Our apps are tools for uploading content (photos, video, text etc) to a blog hosted somewhere else. “Easy Blog” and […]

May 192015
Connecting Kids - Grade 2 QR Challenges

Do your students blog? Sure, but does that mean they actually have an audience? As part of a PYP How We Organize Ourselves unit, our grade 2 students were inquiring into the role technology plays in the way people communicate and collaborate. This was a perfect opportunity for us to tackle a challenge that faces many […]

Apr 232015
Minecraft and Measurement

As highlighted in this post, classroom applications for Minecraft are virtually limitless. In this particular engagement, grade 4 students used Minecraft to explore the connection between the width, height and depth of a regular shape and the number of blocks it was constructed from. After watching the video below, their task was to; Construct several […]

Mar 262015
Painting on a Screen Recording on a MacBook

iPad apps such as DoodleCast and Explain Everything have become invaluable tools for schools with mobile devices. Being able to explain an image while drawing on it makes visible thinking as easy as 1,2,3. But what if your students have MacBooks and not tablets? Well there is an answer – and although not as effective as the tablet […]

Feb 182015
Amazing Grade 5 Poetry Film Making

Poetry and film. Not exactly an easy pairing for Grade 5 students…or so we thought. Check out this amazing film, just one of many created this year, and read on to find out how it came about. The Back Story Four years ago, when reviewing the Grade 5 curriculum, we discovered two areas that were under […]

Feb 162015
Padlet to Create Visual, Interactive Glossaries

Padlet is about the coolest free web app you will ever find, and if you’re looking for an easy way to collaboratively brainstorm or share text, video or images from a single location, look no further. Padlet is quite possibly the most useful website for schools since a couple of Harvard boys asked “I wonder […]

Feb 072015
Videos To Provoke Inquiry

If you’re looking for a fun and engaging way to kick off a new unit or activity, a video provocation might be just what you’re looking for. With apps such as iMovie and Green Screen by Doink, the only limit is your imagination. Coupled with Easyblog.org, uploading to videos to the class blog takes seconds. The […]

Jan 202015
Coding with Bee Bots

Bee Bots are a fantastic way to introduce lower elementary children to coding and like a all robotics based activities, bridge the abstract/concrete gap in a way that Piaget would whole heartedly approve. If you haven’t used Bee Bots before, you might want to watch this first; Although there’s lots of buzz (no pun intended) around coding classes […]

Aug 192014
Email Interviews and Other Wk1 Tech Ideas

Having seen this great post from Miss Smith’s brilliant and informative blog, which includes this much retweeted and favourited image,  I was inspired to share some ideas of my own so here they are –  1. Email Interviews – a great way to introduce students to email for the first time. After creating email signatures […]